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A few ladies yesterday mentioned they would consider attending the…..

  • Women of Joy Conference
  • Hosts: Phil and Debbie Waldrep
  • Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
  • San Antonio, September 25-27, 2020
  • Featuring Sheila Walsh, Karen Kingsbury, Angelo Thomas Pharr, Christa Evans Hurst, BIG DADDY WEAVE, Lilly Goodman, Charles Billingsley

What about you? Need time away to worship God with others who are desperate for Jesus and choose to live in Joy?

I am gathering a list of names who might be interested. The least expensive package is $209.00 per person, which is a standard room, four women, to be paid in full by July 22nd and this $209 includes room and registration fee. This time frame allows a couple of months to get the funds together—-WHO IS IN???? Of course, meals are on your own.

Check out the info here:—2020-09-27—san-antonio-tx—henry-b-gonzalez-convention-center/105/

Let me know what you think. Funds for early-bird payment are due July 22nd. God has a plan and He wants YOU there!!!

Think on it and let me know!

Pam Wells

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