Month: April 2020

Announcements, 5/3/20 Bulletin and Sermon Notes

Worship Service Resumes FBCE is gathering again for all who feel comfortable “getting out and about” 10:45 am Sunday morning. Child care will not be provided during Worship Service during May. No Sunday School on Sunday mornings (classes and groups may be meeting at… Continue Reading “Announcements, 5/3/20 Bulletin and Sermon Notes”

4/19/20 Bulletin and Sermon Notes and other notes of interest

Floyd Shavers is looking for someone to cook meals for he and Ester. He will purchase the food. If you are interested or know of someone interested, please contact Floyd or one of us here at the church. EHS Coach Travis Nicks wanted to… Continue Reading “4/19/20 Bulletin and Sermon Notes and other notes of interest”

4/19/20 Bulletin and Sermon Notes

04-19-2020.pdf Maturity Mandate–grow up say yes to Jesus with blanks 1 Peter 1on19APR2020.docx

4/9/20 Bulletin and Sermon notes for 4/12/20

Are You Ready–to Live with blanks from Hebrews 9 et al on 12APR2020.docx 04-12-2020.pdf

4/5/20 Bulletin and Sermon Outline

Are You Ready–to Die from Hebrews 9 et al with blanks on 05APR2020.pdf 03-29-2020.pdf