Beans and Rice plans for 2020

April is usually the month we collect beans and rice to take to Eagle Pass. This year we are having to do things differently. We will collect during the month of May and Mike will carry them in June. If you would like to bring beans and/or rice, please bring it Sunday morning or Tuesday or Thursday afternoons from 1-5 pm. If you would like to skip the shopping experience and give money for beans and rice, please make a note in the memo of your check: Beans and Rice. The added benefit of giving money is that Frank can purchase as needed instead of storing the beans and rice.

To have an idea of the cost, a 50 pound bag of beans is $44.69 and a 50 pound bag of rice is $17.54. A donation to purchase 50 pounds of each would total $62.23. Any gift amount is greatly appreciated.

Teresa Escue

Admnistrative Assistant

First Baptist Church Eden

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