Month: June 2021

6/27/21 First Word, Sermon Notes, Prayer Guide

Teresa Escue Admnistrative Assistant First Baptist Church Eden 6-27-21.pdf Micah-A Case for Authentic Faith 27JUN2021.pdf July Weekly Prayer Brochure-Week 1.pdf

July Newsletter

2021 July.docx 2021 July.pdf

More Happenings at FBC Eden

“Kingdom Men” breakfast, video and prayer. 8:01-9:41 am Saturday, June 19th Baptism Day Sunday!

6/20/21 First Word, Sermon Notes and Prayer Guide

Decorating for VBS Friday at 1:00 pm!!! Martha has already started but more help tomorrow would be wonderful. Please join for as long as you can! 6-20-21.pdf Jonah-Commission-Compassion with blanks on 20JUN2021.pdf June Weekly Prayer Brochure-Week 4.pdf

Prayer Vigil Sign Up

Sign Up for Prayer Vigil for June 18.docx

6/13/21 First Word and Sermon Notes

6-13-21.pdf Obadiah-Pride Alert with blanks on 13JUN2021.pdf

6/6/21 First Word and Prayer Guide

Happening this Sunday! LORD’s Supper Deacon Emeritus Recognition 6-06-21.pdf June Weekly Prayer Brochure-Week 2.pdf