Far Reaching Opportunity

We have an Acts 1:8 Opportunity! There is a small ministry that is reaching people in interior Mexico. The needs are so great and they are thankful for anything they receive. The ministry carries Bibles and preaches the Word. In their experiences they see the dire needs of these people. We as Americans take for granted so many things. If we are hungry, we go to our refrigerator or to a fast-food restaurant. We have closets full of clothes, many of which we haven’t worn for months. We don’t know what it feels like to have no food or clothes.

This is your opportunity. Take the money you would spend to eat out one meal and give it to this ministry that will feed many. They will be going to Mexico again September 20th. My hope is that you will feel as strongly about this as I do and will want to help these people. We will be collecting monetary donations at church until September 19th. We have some clothing we will be sending as well. If you want to bring clothing and household items to send, we will accept those too.

If you would like more information, please contact Teresa @ 325-450-7279.

Teresa Escue

Admnistrative Assistant

First Baptist Church Eden

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