Unique Opportunity in Brady, Texas, on April 9, 2022

Dear Pastors, Youth Ministry, Sunday School class leaders, Families, and Church Leaders:

This is a wonderful event for the whole family and church groups. You can attend all or part of the day, which is free. Only a two hour drive from San Antonio. A Beautiful blend of worship, prayer and speaking, about 20 minutes segment blended into each hour to provide variety and sustainability. Great for youth groups. Just a day trip for many people since its in the heart of Texas, Brady Texas.

It will be outside in a park with slides and stuff for kids. A good family or church day. Full of worship and prayer. Good for the whole family and anyone can come for all or part of the event. It’s free. See all details below.

Praying at the Heart of Texas

Are you still praying for the Dobbs case to reverse Roe v. Wade? There will be a unique opportunity to do that and more in Texas in person on April 9th in Brady, Texas, known as the Heart of Texas. Intercessors and praying people from all denominations across Texas will be gathering together in a field from 10:00am to 4:00pm to be in unity, (John 17), to repent for the sins of our nation, and our own sins, to pray for the end of abortion and for the Dobbs (Mississippi ban on late term abortion case), to pray for family, revival, Biblical Christian engagement, and other worthy topics.

Texas will be leading the way with this type of prayer at the very geographic center of our state. The plan is hopefully that all 50 states will follow suit between April and July of this year. Here is your invitation to attend the April 9th event in Brady, Texas.

Please register if you’re planning to attend, so that arrangements can be made for whatever capacity crowd arrives. Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation, will be leading one hour of Prayer and Worship for the Life Issue, including the reversal of the Supreme Court’s abortion cases.

Many times in history, the people of God have gathered to come before the Lord in worship, praise and adoration of Him. We will seek His intervention in the affairs of men asking for His divine hand of favor and protection for such a time as this, with wars and rumors of wars around the world.

Please prayerfully consider whether you are to join us that day. We need each other!

Advancing Life, Liberty and Justice in Him,

Allan E. Parker
The Justice Foundation

Important Things to Know

DATE: April 9, 2022 10 am to 4 PM

LOCATION: Richards Park, Brady, TX. The stage will be be in front of the Show Barn across from the playground.

ADDRESS: 1370 Memory Ln. Brady, TX, 76825

WHO IS COMING: Gateway Worship, United Cry, Bunni Pounds with Christians Engaged, Doug Stringer with Somebody Cares, Together 2022, Revive Texas, Allan Parker with Justice Foundation, Brian Alarid with AmericaPrays, Tom Schlueter with Texas Apostolic Network, Steven and Rene Springer with Global Presence, Rick Curry with Sound of Awakening, North, South and West Districts of the Assemblies of God, Gerard Long with Prayer at the Heart, John Whaley with Rooftop Ministries, Representatives from all the counties in Texas, and many more

WHO IS INVITED: You are! Pray at the Heart is a day for generations to be represented, so please bring your families with you. Moms, dads, grandparents, sons and daughters – are all invited. This is a grass roots movement. It is the family of God that will lead the way.

WHAT is the FOCUS of the DAY? During the 6 hours, we will focus on Repentance, Prayer, Worship, Revival and Awakening, Life, Engagement, and Going Forth. The main focus of the day is lifting the name of Jesus high above every other name,

What do I need to bring? This gathering is outdoors so please watch the weather that day and dress accordingly. Also please bring chairs or blankets to sit on, water, Bible, sunscreen, and anything else you will need throughout the day.

What about FOOD? This is a solemn assembly so we are asking those who can to fast. However, we also know fasting can occur in a variety of ways. Please bring snacks and food as needed for those in your party. There are picnic tables around the area and places to eat. Coolers are welcome.

WHAT ABOUT BATHROOMS? This is a public park with public bathrooms provided.

WHAT ABOUT PLACES TO STAY? Brady, Texas is in the geographic center of Texas. Depending where you are coming from, this could be a day trip. If you are interested in coming earlier, these are recommended hotels in Brady, TX and in Brownwood, TX. Best Western Inn 2200 S Bridge St, Brady, TX 76825 (325-597-3997). Holiday Inn Express 2320 S Bridge St, Brady, TX 76825 (325-533-5700). Hampton Inn (30 plus minutes away from Brady) 1103 Riverside Drive, Brownwood, TX 76801 (325-641-1122). La Quinta Inn and Suites (30 plus minutes away from Brady) 1103 Market Place Blvd, Brownwood, TX, 76801 (833-435-0329)

WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? Please take time right now to click on the link and register to come. The event is free, but registration helps us know how to plan. It also shows us what counties are coming. Secondly, please get the word out. Share the link to register and invite people you know. This is a grass-roots effort. It is not about big platforms or names. It is about the people of God showing up in unified prayer for revival and awakening in our land.

DO YOU NEED VOLUNTEERS? Yes, we most definitely do. When you go to the website to register, there is a link for volunteers to sign up. We so appreciate your help.

WHAT to WEAR: It is an outdoor event, so wear comfortable clothes. Tennis shoes, jeans, t-shirts and jackets as needed. T-SHIRTs will be on sale at the event. So if you want, wear something you can wear a t-shirt over. T SHIRTS will be $20. We are asking everyone to bring cash.

WHAT ABOUT PARKING? This is a park so there will be plenty of parking available around the area. We also will provide remote parking within walking distance and with provided transportation

HOW CAN YOU PRAY? Pray for people to come from all 254 counties. Pray for good weather. Pray for God to do what only He can do in our midst. Pray for all the logistics to come together. Pray for us to be fully funded by March 9th. We still need an additional $10,000 to be fully funded. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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